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PT Energy Management Indonesia (Persero)

PT. Energy Management Indonesia (Persero) or formerly known as PT. Koneba (Persero) was established in 1987, is government institution which engaged in the field of conservation and energy management.

From year to year, we had help the government, other government institutions, and private company in risk management activities, energy audits, commissioning testing, energy inspection and labeling, technical consultancy, energy and environmental studies.

Implementation of our business activities were conducted by trained and professional staffs in their field and supported by adequate equipment as needed. Our accumulated experience in various sectors in society and many industries added value in the implementation of our business conducted the study tasks, conservation, management and energy diversification.

Tenaga Ahli Sistem Informasi Analis Database

(Jakarta Raya)

  • Pria atau Wanita
  • S2 Teknik Informatika
  • Berpengalaman minimal 10 tahun dibidang Sistem Informasi Analis Database
Tenaga Ahli Sistem Informasi Pemograman Database

(Jakarta Raya)

  • Pria atau Wanita
  • S2 Teknik Informatika
  • Berpengalaman minimal 10 tahun dibidang Sistem Informasi Pemograman Database

Tenaga Ahli Lingkungan

(Jakarta Raya)

  • Pria atau Wanita
  • S2 Teknik Lingkungan
  • Berpengalaman minimal 10 tahun dibidang Lingkungan
For Completeness Of The Administration, Please Complete The Following documents :

Copy of id card
Copy of Certificate of bachelor degree
Copy of NPWP
Please Provide copy of certificate / training

If you are interested, please submit your official application to:
Via Email :here
Closing Date: 19-8-11.

  • Tenaga Ahli Konstruksi
  • Tenaga Ahli Statistik


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